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I have been going regularly to Anna Brook for shiatsu massage for eight years. She worked with me when my back went out, when I have stiffness in my joints, and after a car accident left me with some trauma. I feel that her massage helps to establish a baseline of healthy living for me. She is an incredibly gifted healer, and I would recommend her to anyone. It never fails that I feel better – always – after I see her.
Mary Pat England
I started going to Anna just recently for a stress fracture injury that I got from running. I was so disappointed from this injury because I could no longer run cross country for my high school and I was in so much pain I could barely walk. I am so thankful I met Anna, she is absolutely the most amazing and incredible person. After my very first treatment, the results shocked me. I forgot I even had a stress fracture. Anna is so thoughtful, intelligent and sweet, she has helped me through my injury and gotten me back on my feet. I can't begin to thank Anna enough for all she did! Anna is so gifted and talented in what she does and she truly loves her job. Thank you Anna for everything you have done for me. --Olivia
I look forward to any massage I have with Anna. A massage treatment from Anna works on many levels for me. She gently but firmly works deeply into the muscles until they release their energy blocks. I am then able to process whatever was held there and feel freer to move forward with a better view of my life! Its definitely a favorite thing for me to do!
Meg DeWitt, Personal Chef

Anna's massages are great, but sometimes her acupucture treatment is just what I need to relieve my recurring back pain. Anna is a very talented and gifted acupuncturist.
Diane Ayon